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Relax, HGTV is not stopping by!

I so often see people in my shop with such angst while trying to decide on a piece for their home. “What if I make the wrong decision“. “ What if it doesn’t go with the end tables”. People, it’s ok, HGTV is not coming to your house! No one is judging you. (well, maybe your mother-in-law.) If you love it, it will work because you’ve chosen everything around it and because when you look at it, ok here we go, “ it will bring you joy”. If it’s something you really love, you will find a place for it. That’s another thing I often hear. “ I love it so much but I don’t have a spot for it”. Believe me, if you feel that strongly about something a spot will open up.

"If it's something you really love you will find a place for it".


Which leads me to my next point. You have style, whether you know it or not. You automatically gravitate toward certain things. Once while helping an aunt decorate her family room, I had her go through a stack of magazines and rip out anything she liked. (obviously pre Pinterest). She had assured me she didn’t know what she wanted the room to look like. Guess what? Every picture had the same look. She knew what she wanted she just didn’t trust herself. I bet your Pinterest boards are the same. And that’s what it all boils down to, trusting yourself and your instincts.


I have a rule of thumb whenever I buy anything. I must triple love it! Not two, not 2 1/2. Love, love, love. And you know when you do. It’s saved me from buying things I’m on the fence about, that would eventually be relegated to the Purple Heart pile. Try it for yourself. I guarantee you will know when you love something times three.


Once you have all these things that you triple love, where do they go? Anywhere you damn well please! If you think something looks nice, then it does. You’re decorating your home for yourself and your family, not the viewers. You have to live in your house and look at it everyday, not your friends.

That isn’t to say we don’t need a little help now and again. If a decorator is out of the question for you, invite a friend over who’s house you love. Give her lots of wine and ask for her opinion. People love to give their opinion! Shop other rooms. New eyes can help you see your home in a different way.

Roost Home. All things I triple love.


Go on Pinterest while you’re in the room you're working on. This helps you stay focused on one space at a time. See what other people are doing with similar rooms. No one will call you a copy cat if you use a favorite room as inspiration because guess what? That's what those pictures are for. Search a favorite piece and see what other people have done with it. Where they’ve hung it, placed it. Maybe they’ve used it in a room you wouldn’t have thought to. Whatever you do, enjoy the process. It'll show.


I've said it before and I'll say it again, decorating should be fun. Our “stuff” should be fun. So go for it. Who knows, maybe someday HGTV will be knocking on your door. And you’ll be ready!

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